MakeUp for Older Women: Define Your Eyes and Lips Over 50

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Here at Look Fabulous Forever we believe that age is no barrier to looking fabulous. Our beautiful makeup for older women is ‘pro-age’ which means that it is specifically formulated to suit more mature faces, eyes and lips. This video will show you a simple process on how to use our products to define your eyes and lips in your 50s.

1. Apply Fabulous Eye Prime to your eye lids – your eye makeup will last longer
2. Apply Fabulous Brow Shape (Brown) to define your brows
3. Apply Fabulous Eye Shade in Cocoa to define the eye socket and in Charcoal to thicken your eyelashes
4. To make your eyes stand out, apply some of our Lid Colour
5. To highlight your look apply our Fabulous Light
6. Apply our Fabulous Lash Mascara
7. Apply Fabulous Lip Prime
8. Finish your look with some Lip Colour

Discover the products Linda used in this video:

Fabulous Eye Prime:
Fabulous Brow Shape:
Fabulous Eye Shade:
Fabulous Lid Colour:
Fabulous Light:
Fabulous Lash Mascara:
Fabulous Lip Prime:
Fabulous Lip Colour:

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Tricia Cusden
LFF Founder and CEO


  1. Hi Im 53 and now tend to use less make-up also age defying and over 50s, could you send me a list of products that you sell always on the look out for more make-up and yeah on a desert island lippy and mascara would be my items of choice, great video by the way Xxx

  2. V Johnson says:

    Can't see properly what's being applied and how because if the makeup artist's hand

  3. I admit at the beginning of this video I was doubtful of a good result, however, as with the other videos you have made & I've watched you renewed my faith. The mint colour on the inner part of her eyes & then highlight just under brows ….wow. Her eyes lit up in a subtle way. Although I couldn't wear this colour lipstick it would have looked wonderful on my mother's fuller lips. I also like that your models have eyes similar to mine with distance between eye & eyebrow. Thank you.

  4. Lis Shafi says:

    Lots of useful tips,THANKS!

  5. Joy Harmon says:

    The model is wearing eye makeup. The primer isn't being demonstrated honestly unless it's being demonstrated on freshly washed skin without makeup.

  6. Interesting. I've never worn make up, as you can see

  7. Diana Reed says:

    Sorry, but her foundation and shadow were not blended very well. The makeup artist's hand was in the way. You needed to shoot from a different angle. This was a disappointing video.

  8. Toni Osorio says:

    she looked the same. I was looking for a younger look. I am 56 and i want to look a LITTLE Younger than i alredy am. Is this possible ????

  9. Thanks for the useful video. It would be great if we could see what the makeup artist was actually doing as well as listening to a description ie shoot from the left when she's using her right hand.

  10. D De says:

    yhoo cameraman, I can not see through her hand…maybe you could shoot from a different angle? yup, rocket science…

  11. love your makeup tutorials, getting older doesn't mean you can't look pretty.

  12. Love your tutorial' But, I wonder what you can do for woman who is 72 ? There are quite a few of us around the Cosmetic counters…

  13. I love your voice and your pronunciation. I am from germany and had only english at school since a century … but I understand almost every word

  14. Fabulous
    but you need the subtitles reviewing by someone who speaks english as their first language. Its dreadful.

  15. Jules A says:

    It would sure help if the makeup artist's hand wasn't always in front of the camera when applying makeup. Very poor camera angle 🙁

  16. a.m. corts says:

    the red lipstick makes the lips thinner better to put another colour over is makes it richer and warmer ,

  17. Dubai Rashed says:

    I see. My apology. I've never heard of this line before. My fault. Please forgive me. Rashed from Dubai.

  18. Dubai Rashed says:

    What is the name of the products used? What's the point if u don't mention'em?!

  19. Thankyou. I needed these tips.

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