Makeup Tips for Older Women : How to Apply Makeup Right After 50 to Minimize Wrinkles

Makeup can be applied in a very specific way to help minimize and disguise wrinkles. Apply makeup properly to minimize wrinkles with help from a professional makeup artist in this free video clip.

Expert: Jessica Adams
Bio: Jessica Adams is a professional makeup artist and esthetician based in South Florida.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller

Series Description: Makeup is something that can be used and enjoyed by women of all ages. Get makeup tips for older women with help from a professional makeup artist in this free video series.


  1. Sparkles says:

    Wow, this is all the opposite of what I know. I was taught cream blush, creamy dewy foundation etc., to put life back into our faces and dewiness?

  2. Can African American women use the primer too? If not, is there a product that they can use? Thanks for the assistance

  3. Adrain M says:

    She doesn't have any wrinkles. Matte make my wrinkles worse. I have to wear a blur makeup. I have fine lines around mouth and eyes. I am 49.

  4. Gravity pulls on our bodies all of our lives – When applying make up, washing or any other treatment to our faces, pulling down is not the best technique – Also, why in the world would anyone want to put silicone on their skin? With all of the pollutants already in our food, water and air, I'm just saying, NO!

  5. English Rose says:

    I love this video, i have a lot of facial massage and face exercise tips on my channel.

  6. Jesus Saves says:

    The video would have been better if you had used a model that actually had visible wrinkles like those of us living in the real world who haven't had botox or fillers, etc.

  7. Donna Vaughn says:

    she spent way too much time using the primer, it takes 1/2 of the time, she doesn't tell you what kind of brush she used to apply foundation, which needs to be said, and you can use your hands or a sponge, a liqued concealer, no you use a cream concealer, so the the powder won't settle into the very lines you are trying to minimize good grief, you don't use a powder blush again, because of lines, are you kidding me??? matte or oil, does not matter with age, I have no idea who this is

  8. I want to utilize a soft brush to applying my make-up. I purchase my brush from here

  9. Su Majewski says:

    Oh please … this woman has hardly any wrinkles on her face. FACT: Yes, a primer is an absolute must, but anyone with wrinkles must avoid powder at all costs, because it will make the wrinkles more obvious. Not even a touch of jojoba oil can improve things.

  10. this comments section was full of spam, it took ten minutes to report it, either disabled comments or clean it up, channel!

  11. she has less wrinkles than me and she's older by quite a bit! But she has a lovely smile, which is the best makeup, without which no makeup can make attractive

  12. This is by far the most horrible makeup tutorial I've ever watch. I feel like it's so easy to be called a makeup artist just because you know how to put makeup stuff on someone's face. I was looking for some useful techniques for my mom but no, so disappointed!

  13. downbntout says:

    What wrinkles? Your subject doesn't have any.

  14. Lee Gary says:

    I don't think the model has many wrinkles anyway.

  15. Matte n and powder is THE most ageing make up technique!

  16. Matte and powder is THE most ageing make up technique!

  17. Janey Ann says:

    Silicon based primer, I had never heard of that and will look out for it.  I don't usually wear foundation but I do look better with a tinted moisturiser that partly covers the dark areas under my eyes, and freckles as I have pale skin, and generally makes the colour better.  I don't have spots or enlarged pores, problems mainly dark undereye circles and freckles, and I din't think anything would disguise wrinkles.  I tried foundation and looked horrible, my skin looks better without it.  I can't wear mascara as it makes my eyes red and inflamed, the only thing I wear a lot is lipstick and I use gentle colours usually.

  18. you should pin her hair back first. then start makeup.

  19. Karrie L says:

    Not helpful. you dont list the cosmetics you use.

  20. That woman is not 50, she looks like my aunt of 75 , I'm 50 and look younger, a lot younger than her

  21. The4RealMsC says:

    The model was very pretty and looks amazing at 50!

  22. 1madfan says:

    Exactly using matte foundations make fine lines MORE visable. this tutorial goes against everything we've been taught in the 1st hour of a makeup class

  23. Mary Stewart says:

    Does anyone recommend a particular silicon based primer?

  24. Good tips. Actually points I can use!


  26. I thought u weren't suppose to use matte foundation on older skin.

  27. beautiful tutorial! is that ur mum? so sweet!

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