Metallic | Glitter Lips Makeup Tutorial

These are some videos I made for Instagram.

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Pigment in Gold
Pigment in Rose Gold
Pigment in Copper
Pigment in Silver
Pigment in Platinum
Mac Prep+ Prime Essencial Oils
Mac Glitter in 3D Pink
Mac Lip Glass Clear


Jo. Cohen & BQ- Glowing At Night

ÉWN – Feels (Original Mix)

Disfigure – Losing Sleep (feat. Tara Louise)


  1. which pigment is in the opening scene silver or platinum?!?

  2. no! I don't know which pigment you're using when! so confused!

  3. Is the lip glass similar to victoria's secret clear lip gloss or what's the difference in texture?

  4. this is nothing like a tutorial

  5. katara k says:

    Kylie who….I'm going straight to MAC from now on

  6. Zainab.I.K says:

    Hey sarah, can you show us how your lips are healthy and naturally pink? please…….

  7. I can watch this video forever

  8. If your washer or dryer has thrown out when getting a new washer or dryer buy GE

  9. Moody Marie says:

    Waiting for Sara Steller to be popular

  10. como sera quw faz em ! ??

  11. Aiza Hussain says:

    her lips look smaller than usual no offence sarah

  12. Where did you get those?

  13. my big sister is asking about your lips…. "how do you keep it so pinky?" she said…

  14. Ula smtwtfs says:

    +Sarah Steller did you have braces?

  15. Omg! I love all the shades. I love your lip art tutorials. I have never seen someone with such great skills!

  16. Omg I'm gonna do this later

  17. Garanata W. says:

    I LOVE LIPSTICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. The music's annoying

  19. I was told that you did a look with grey lipstick that you lined lips twice with black pencil. I saw it on compilation video and asked person who was the person that did this look, they said it was you. I can't seem to find the tutorial for this look. Can u please direct me?

  20. what is this song called

  21. hola chicas si se suscribe a mi canal me suscribo al suyo

  22. What mixing medium did you use????? Beautiful!!!

  23. này là son gì vậy đệp qá

  24. how did you make your lips like this

  25. hey I used this same song in my video and as well on Facebook hahahaha

  26. who else found it satisfying

  27. just saying. would I really wear that in public?

  28. vLeilani says:

    She has like, amazing white straight teeth. holy

  29. ゆ優。 says:


  30. Erica Allure says:

    where did you get that from

  31. The ultimate is Holo. Cristine, Get to see cideos!!

  32. ترة الحمرة حلوة بس لونة فاشل

  33. Excellent video like and I love lip paint

  34. Hola chicas sorry por mi ignorancia pero me podrian decir como se llama el liquido trasparente para los labios esque no se como pedirlo ???

  35. I love it's i usually don't put on makeup but now I want to I'm just to lazy and I cry because when my sister takes it off it hurts :3

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