Tanya Burr shows Rose how to create a Mila Kunis makeup look with smokey eyes and contouring. Watch the celebrity makeover now!

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  1. Katie Morgan says:

    Rose looks like mila kunis!!

  2. Do Lily Rose Depp!

  3. Names Regine says:

    Honestlyfor a second before i clicked on the video i honestly thiught it wiuld be mila lol

  4. Emily Orosz says:

    step one: look like mila kunis

  5. izell şan says:

    she looks like mill kunis she doesnt need make up to look like her:D

  6. Zarara says:

    All the people look like the celebrities

  7. Lyleigh S says:

    Rose is soooo freakin pretty! I envy her so much! 🙂

  8. Cecilia V says:

    I love tanyaaaa

  9. anuh says:

    Tanya's voice is so gentle and soothing. I could just fall asleep listening to her (not in a mean way)

  10. Rose is so naturally pretty!! She looks like a combination of Mila Kunis, Lucy Hale and Sarah Hyland.

  11. Madison D says:

    She could be Mila Kunis

  12. Me: this video was only uploaded like a year ago. realises it was 3 years ago

  13. Crimson11100 says:

    She's prettier than Mila Kunis. Beautiful make up as well.

  14. Okay I actually thought that she is Mila Kunis

  15. I like Tanya show to prove Mila Kunis what she does and oh how she does her make makeup

  16. Joe better watch this 😀

  17. Grace Lam says:

    OMG they look so alike

  18. at the end I thought she looked like Jade from Victorious
    very pretty 🙂

  19. Rose has such a naturally beautiful face and profile, it's unreal. She's very lucky!

  20. Emily T says:

    she looks even more beautiful with no makeup on.

  21. JP_0299 says:

    Tanya's voice is soooo soothing

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