The moment you’ve all been waiting so patiently for is finally here! Today I’m saying ‘I Do’ to my bridal makeup all over again as my good friend and makeup artist Lyndsay Zavitz recreates the magic! There truly isn’t a better word to describe this recreation from my big day. From the moment I said i do (outdoors might I add) to the very end of the reception – my makeup was fresh from start to finish. Lynds did ZERO touch-ups through out the night. This is was an unforgettable look that so many people are still talking about – I knew a tutorial needed to happen. You can never go wrong with a flawless foundation, smokey eye (done right!), and nude lip. If there are any future brides out there, I totally recommend booking Lyndsay while you still can. The photos you take on your wedding day will last you a life-time so why not look and feel your best? I hope you enjoy watching this video. There are tons of tips and tricks you can take from this tutorial even if you’re not getting married. I learned so much!!!

*All products she used are mentioned in this video**
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  1. Farhana hQ says:

    dayum girl, that foundation is maGic!

  2. L Lm says:

    Sooo much products. !!! That looks caked as f

  3. keepinitreal says:

    Can she talk about what to look for in a makeup artist before hiring? And where to find good ones? That would be really useful.

  4. anyone know the color for the stilla ?

  5. Would love if you both did a series together!!

  6. Rada says:

    You're stunning without makeup!! So beautiful!

  7. sphinxmuse says:

    Who would have thought foundation first then all the corrections, concealers, brighteners! makes sense since the beauty blender patting NEVER quite works with foundation over the lot! Great tips lovely tutorial I would wear this every day! just a lighter shade of eye shadows!

  8. Linda G. says:

    You are so beautiful!

  9. callipige says:

    I love this!!!!

  10. Olivia says:

    What was the brand of the foundation she used?

  11. Vera Saikali says:

    hiiii!….please bring her back for more bridal makeup shes amazing!… pleaaaassse

  12. LBlush says:

    Not just the make up…you are naturally pretty:-)

  13. Great look but she isn't very professional. She needs to decant creams no matter what!

  14. seriously flawless bridal look. #makeupgoals. don't have those super high end products tho 🙁

  15. So perfect!!!!! New Lyndsay FAN!!!!!

  16. TabbyRose says:

    You really look gorgeous, but that's an unnecessary amount of makeup… so many layers of concealer!

  17. BRATTERSTEIN says:

    This is beautiful! I just uploaded my wedding makeup tutorial myself if you're interested!

  18. Xoshio says:

    What lip liner and lipstick did she use? I don't recall she mentioned it :/

  19. The makeup is the best I've seen!! Wpw

  20. Please answer! If I use a waterproof foundation and concealer how do I make the tears not ruin the makeup because there are no waterproof powders? Helppppppp

  21. Wow you look perfect !!!

  22. Stunning!! She is very talented.

  23. U look amazing. This makeup is so gorgeous

  24. Love you Sazan! So cute and always positive. God bless!

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