My Dark Lip Routine!


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Here is a link to the list of everything I used in this tutorial:



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  1. Your face is child like but voice is heavier like 45 year old lady SO SO LOVELY VIDEO I LOVED YOUR VIDEO

  2. This is basically just a makeup routine with a sponsor

  3. neil mangali says:

    Nice video. What kind of hair remover is best for use

  4. Bret Fleming says:

    Hello my name is Bret you are absolutely beautiful and stunning I'm from new Jersey where are you from?

  5. Kyla White says:

    "Dark lips routine" is more like "full makeup routine with emphasis on dark lips"

  6. Ranya Mazin says:

    she keeps saying number 1

  7. Amelia TV says:

    I don't know why I think this, but she looks like Jessica from 13 Reasons why.

  8. TheTokenVamp says:

    Love your videos! You're so pretty and this lip color is to die for!

  9. hi, AndreasChoice. I love that video. your lips are so soft I could touch and kiss them.

  10. Actual video starts@5:40

  11. I love your eyes! They are so pretty XD

  12. C Toast says:

    reapplies dark lip
    Also Me: COME AT ME BRUH
    I-I look really badass with a dark lip. Unless…I soften my eyes

  13. Rosa Polo says:

    how the hell did this video come out almost two years ago

  14. Anna Walker says:

    is that a black or dark blue lipstick

  15. Grace Miao says:

    You look like Jessica from 13 reasons why

  16. Serena Mc says:

    Hehe "dark marks" hehe any HP fans here?

  17. What do you use to remove the fine hair above your upper lips? Hair remover???

  18. b4evergra3ce says:

    Wow, you're absolutely gorgeous! Love the red & black lips!

  19. you have really lovely lips

  20. loving my you every time I watch your videos.

  21. what kind of black lipstick do you use

  22. Aaah, yo también me los exfolio con aceite de oliva y azúcar

  23. RaitonGG says:

    Hey Ladies
    No Idea how I got here
    but she cheating. she has 10/10 lips b4 the makeup :v

  24. Carrissa Ann says:

    Came here to watch lip routine but instead got a video of brozner, eye make up 3:24 finally it starts

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