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Hi loves! I’ve seen this requested forever now!! Sorry for the delay 😀 This is my current Night Time routine!! I literally do this EVERY night. I can’t sleep unless I know I have a nice clean face. It’s a weird phobia of mine…haha!! Hope you enjoy!! Love you muffins!
XOX Carli

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  1. Allanah45 says:

    you don't shower?

  2. Imadumbas2 says:

    Yasss cucumber melon is my favorite scent

  3. She looks so beautiful and natural without makeup…..So… unique

  4. I brush my teeth and sleep

  5. I am lazyyyyy cow 😀 ^((((((((((((((((((((((((

  6. what would happen if u don't have anything u have right now. live in peace babe. u don't have to do all that for ur beauty….this is too much.

  7. Hi Carli, I would love it if you did a new morning and evening routine video! I'd love to see what products you now use. You're absolutely beautiful! (&sweet, and funny).

  8. Paula Purdom says:

    Don't buy expensive wrinkle creams! Just use radiant beauty (which you can get for free). Just use radiant beauty every morning to remove wrinkles, suns spots, lines, anything!!! try it out yourself, go here to get your free bottle:

  9. Girl you look like you're getting READY cuz youre so perfect

  10. Ben J says:

    Why does she wear deodorant to bed??

  11. Soojin Lee says:

    I would love to see an updated get UNready with me video since you've been transitioning to vegan products. Would love to get some advice on what to get!

  12. Talisha Lara says:

    I've always showered at night before bed and had a really long after shower/night time routine. I like to be clean and soft when I get in the sheets, and I always put deodorant on before bed, especially before snuggling up to my boo…nobody likes stinky pits half way into getting busy. in the morning I wash my pits and other business areas (lol) by standing in the tub real quick w soap, a wash cloth, and warm water, rinse, throw in some baby lotion and im good to go for the day. I've always powdered my booty w baking soda and corn starch baby powder after I shower to prevent sweaty butt, and powder under my boobs and the inner thigh bc im thick and the friction is real. and I always clean my belly button with a q tip and alcohol before bed as well. i'm super weird about making every nook and cranny is appropriately cleaned and then prepped to keep bad bacteria and odor away for the day. to me, I realize naturally the human body doesnt smell amazing all the time, but I have been around enough smelly people that I feel like that would be so embarrassing to be told I stink. im so particular about my hygiene and it helps me feel physically comfortable. i've been doing these things fnor over a decade and have never had any irritations or health issues due to it.

  13. Your vanity is beautiful; I felt like I was watching a movie.

  14. I couldn't find the link to the argon oil love. Can someone help me? Love your night time routine! You are so stunning without makeup!

  15. F.B. Leach says:

    do you not worry about all the chemicals you're putting on your skin. I'm sure looked at the ingredients of all those products and did a quick Google search of what they did you'd be surprised at what you're putting onto and into your body every day.

  16. Nicole Cerra says:

    You kind of sound like Jeana from Bf vs. Gf!

  17. OMG the message at the beginning! Thanks Carli!!!!

  18. Lana Belmont says:

    Can you pretty please do an updated version of your skin care routine? (:

  19. Lady Fynix says:

    You look soooo different wihout all this tons of make up. And soooo much BETTER.

  20. Why I am soon lazy

  21. such a gorgeous raven

  22. skywol says:

    she is sooooooooooooooo ……….. beauty full

  23. all the products you use, is there some sort of creams like eye cream or something elese that say: warning chlidren can not take this!

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