My Skincare Routine 2017

♥ In today’s video I share all the secrets to my perfect skin haha! Hope you enjoy the video! 🙂 PS. I know the audio is really low… Wrong settings on the microphone and didn’t wanna turn it up more due to the noise. Sorry!

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Without you guys this wouldn’t be as much fun for me.
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♥ Katrin


  1. Rianne Mors says:

    I used to be addicted to lipbalm, untale i bought a 'cheaper' one and got a huge rash, wich made me stop haha i now use it maybe once per 2 days !

  2. jess morgan says:

    awh u are perfect

  3. wanderlust says:

    have you stopped taking the pill? if yes, did you break out badly after stoping it? I want to stop and like you it was the only thing that solved my acne (for a while, after 4 years, in december I've started to get pimples here and there every month) but I'm afraid I will break out terribly cause I've seen some girls on youtube saying that's what happened to them o_o

  4. ADLEE says:

    Oh my Swedish favorite girl in the world I love your honesty and your everything I really do thank you very much for being there

  5. I love you but for some reason in this video you look a little bit like Holliday Grainger…

  6. Katie Thomas says:

    I started getting acne in 7th grade, around when I got my first period. Then I am 32 now and still get acne. Even on the birth control pill. And I also have sensitive/dry skin too so I am a real special snowflake. Not as bad acne as in the past but still there.

  7. Jackie S says:

    Love love love

  8. clem joel says:

    wow thats such a strange addiction, the nose spray thing

  9. Rahel Marbet says:

    I never struggeled with acne in my puperty. Now im 22 and I stoped my birthcontrol (not because of baby wishes) and today Im dealing with acne.

  10. I never had acne, I just had pimples now and then because I have oily skin. Three years ago I started taking the pill and did nothing on my face 🙁 I do have an skincare routine but nothing do wonders on my face sadly

  11. Anne Snow says:

    hey Kat! I was just wondering if you have any fitness tips , how to stay fit, have control over what you eat and working out… How to keep a stable weight basically. It's a issue I've been dealing with and I would really like to hear your opinion. love your videos!

  12. kerol yu says:

    you know,sometimes when I don't feel like watching your video I just open it in a new tab and mute it,so that you still got watch time
    does anyone ever do that??

  13. Alina Noelle says:

    Would be great to see your actual routine in the morning and at nighttime 🙂 xx

  14. The pill really helped my skin also. When I stopped taking it for a while, all hell broke loose.

  15. In Norway a lot of people are addicted to nose spray (is that even what it's called?) and i was addicted for 2 years :((((( i got rid of the "cravings" and had to have 2 weeks at least with terrible sleep to get rid of the addiction. It was horrible. Had nosebleeds almost everyday, and i still get those cravings once in a while

  16. cailsport5 says:

    katrin, i freaking love you and how honest and bold you are. You are awesome and so beautiful! love the hair, love the septum piercing, love your tattoos. You are so inspiring for me!

  17. daniel mj says:

    i think i need to go to sweden

  18. RustyRavn says:

    I enjoy every single video. You inspire me so much. Love from South Africa 🙂 ♥️

  19. Renate yo says:

    What kind of birth control do you use?

  20. Ellie Tkocz says:

    I've struggled with acne throughout my entire teen years and only recently has my skin started to clear up (19 now, and I do still have my bad skin days). It's taken me so long to realise that using a ridiculous amount of products does way more harm than good! I'm now super careful about what I put on my face and keep facial soaps and whatnot to a bare minimum.
    The way you look after your skin obviously works, it looks super healthy! Using birth control for my skin is something I have considered for a while, and I wonder whether it would work for me now despite my acne finally calming down.
    Also, I'm really digging the hair, very cute and it suits you very well <3

  21. Have you ever experienced any side effects with your BC? I want to go on it but I'm scared of it affecting my body weight / mood. I have slight endometriosis and bad acne and have been thinking about trying BC for it

  22. was catching up on your videos and saw that you had just uploaded. PERFECT TIMING

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