My summer Morning Routine 2017 | Skincare Routine

Hi guys! Here’s my summer morning routine! 🙂
Here’s a coupon to check out Simple yourself!
Thanks to Simple Skincare for partnering with me!

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Hi guys! I’m Carrie Rad! Welcome to my channel. On my channel I talk about all things beauty, fashion, food, health, and more. I also sprinkle in a lot of sit down chatty videos where I talk about things like love, sex, feminism, and women empowerment. I create videos like: How to relax, Get Ready With Me, Try-On Clothing Haul, What I Eat in a Day, Vanity Tour, How to pack for New York, Makeup collection & Organization, & Boyfriend TAG!

Here’s my summer morning routine and morning skincare routine. Skincare is so important to me. I love finding new products that work well with my skin. I especially love it when it’s affordable. Enjoy this video! You can get Simple Skincare products at most drugstores!

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  1. Carrie Rad says:

    Hi loves!!! Hope you are all doing amazing! Let me know in the comments what your summer plans are! 🙂 Also make sure we are friends on Insta (I'm over there ALL the time chatting with you guys!) Instagram: @carrierad

  2. Delina Pinto says:

    Awesome video ❤️

  3. loved this video! You have always been an inspiration to me. ily ♥

  4. eszability says:

    Sorry, but spf 15 could be enough for the winter time, but we're in June now…

  5. Loved that routine – so simple (ha) but gorgeous! Have you taken up skateboarding? If so that's pretty cool, I don't think I could do that! I'm off to Portugal in the summer but hoping to get another sun-filled trip in before autumn arrives 🙂

  6. indibindylou says:

    This was such a relaxing video! I loved the variety of shots, too. Did Alex help you film this (just curious cause you definitely had both hands free in many of the shots 🙂 )?

  7. Such a beauty ✨

  8. Where did you purchase the overalls?? Love love love

  9. ccap3211 says:

    Did you ever get your bag back from the airline?!

  10. Carrie is back at it again with the cute and calm videos! LUV U SO MUCH!

  11. Thank you so much for this! I am in need of a skin care update and this was exactly what I needed!

  12. I used to like simple but they are sadly Not a cruelty free brand.

  13. Love this video! I'm from Australia and it's currently winter so your seriously making me miss that hot summer sun ☀️☀️

  14. What kind of coffee do you use? And how much do you put into your coffee press?

  15. Torsee says:

    Loved the video!
    The only thing missing is a Boosted Board for you to ride!

  16. Such a calmness to all your videos – you always make me feel more relaxed. Summer is my favorite time of year, and this was a great video to start the summer with. 🙂

  17. Diana Chavez says:

    I need to know what brand those sunglasses are!

  18. RikkeTakera1 says:

    And then you're just casually skateboarding? What! You cool kid

  19. Love your vibe!!!

  20. Lara Thrapp says:

    Girl, you are such an inspiration! It's so awesome to see a confident and independent woman killing it!!! Also, I love that you are partnering with Simple. They are awesome and you are awesome… such a win-win video!!!

  21. Victoriareg says:

    That place that you're walking around where the houses are close to the water that's in a movie isn't it? I want to say Valentine's Day. I could be wrong though! Do you know what I'm talking about?

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