My Tape Contour! Will this Give you SHARP Contour? YES!

Hey My Loves! Sooo, a ton of amazing sites posted our tape contour (Thank you everyone so much), and I got a lot of people asking if it really works, YES! It actually works better than normal contouring, and I have been contouring my face for YEARS! I prefer this even to my normal methods, especially for the nose! Check it out and let me know what you guys think below!

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  1. what lipstick is that???

  2. Thank you so much it Works great for me!!

  3. gorgeous uh.Stay Blessed & Beautiful

  4. LaHannita96 says:

    a lot of people saying it stupid but i seriously think theyre just jealous of you cause youre really pretty because it isnt stupid… and i see other youtubers make vids like this who arent as pretty and they never get as much hate. jealous girls r capable of anything…

    i know girls who try contouring but they always mess up because they dpnt have a steady hand and it looks sloppy. i think they really would try this.

    how is this any different from people who put tape by their eyes to draw on eyeliner??

    its not stupid, lot of u just have issues.

  5. (I'm not trying to be rude with this comment) Your foundation is way to light

  6. Zquad Malik says:

    Hey everyone! I need help with my eyebrows !!! The problem is that they are round and I want them to be like huda's !!! Like eyebrows on fleek !!! I just hate the round eyebrows and they are kind of a uni brow !!!!!!!! Someone please help me !!!!


  8. My Berg says:

    use surgical tape insted. much more sensitive on the skin and no chemicals

  9. Wow that's amazing i wish i would of found you sooner just subscribed your so beautiful..xx

  10. alya Abdulla says:

    Can you do a nose contouring bit

  11. vale ocean says:


  12. lian tv says:

    I Love Huuuuuda


  14. Samra Batool says:

    Loved it ❤️

  15. I tried this and I looked like goyte from the somebody that I used to know video

  16. Mely Obey says:

    waaw i love it
    it so perfect <3 <3 <3
    i love you so much :* :*

  17. Ahamaaaaazing!!!!!

  18. wak Xx says:

    جميل جدا هداوي

  19. Saif Hussain says:

    amazing if u thik think that ì am a man am not am just using my bros account

  20. Hind Lower says:

    انتي عربيه وهم عراقيه احجي لغتج ولا تتكبرين مع احترامي الج

  21. Haa 11 says:

    we like u huda but can add arabic srt ?

  22. Wael alsde says:

    كلش حلو بس كلةانكلش أريد عربي

  23. يعجبني دايم مكياجها ياليت تكون جميع مقاطعها مترجمه

  24. Seja A. says:

    Yes plz do a specific video on the nose

  25. CDS says:

    Love this video Huda. I have a round face and high cheekbones this will help me so much!!

  26. Tigerflower says:

    Huda, paper tape is easier on the skin & doesn't hurt when removing

  27. Milu Diaz says:

    i love it! you're so cute too!!!!

  28. Ana Suárez says:

    It's interesting to watch this but I feel like it is useless, unless you are contouring for the first time

  29. i think she did a good job

  30. it´s amazing!!! I need to try this out! Thanks

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