MY WEDDING MAKEUP | Tati and James Wedding

Here’s my Bridal Makeup test with my friend James Charles … check out his channel and subscribe he’s awesome !!! xo’s
James YouTube
Instagram: @jamescharles

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Benefit Porefessional
Kryolan Derma Color Palette
Fiona Styles Matte Foundation // #2 #5
Tarte Shape Tape // Light
Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer // Neutralizer
Coty Airspun Powder // Extra Coverage Translucent
Makeup Geek Blush // Spellbound
Anastasia Glow Kit // Gleam
Kevyn Aucoin Legacy Palette
Kat Von D Metal Palette // Ribbon
Anastasia Brow Wiz // Taupe
Make Up Forever Excessive Lash Mascara
Flutter Lashes // Ashlin
Smashbox Lipstick // Famous
Lorac Alter Ego Gloss // Angel
Alexis Vogal Lip Liner // Hickey

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  1. Chloe Lash says:

    She's so beautiful!! Wow

  2. Hali Stokes says:

    This is probably the most beautiful look I've ever seen on YouTube. You look amazing and this makeup is so perfect for a wedding

  3. James did an amazing job. Tati you look amazing!!!!

  4. her eyes is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen

  5. Awe this is so cute, I love both of them so much. Tati is so pretty.

  6. This really looks gorgeous! Much more subtle than I'm used to from James, but this look is to die for!

  7. i love this, everything blendes so nicely and its not over done

  8. Could you do a drugstore version of your bridal makeup? ♥️

  9. Dang he does good makeup! Slay !!!

  10. This is such a beautiful makeup look

  11. Taamz Heart says:

    She's so lucky.

  12. Taamz Heart says:

    As soon as I saw James. I was lucky "HER MAKEUP WILL SLAY. I KNOW IT ALREADY!!"

  13. andrea ok says:

    james voice is so annoying

  14. How did I miss this?!

  15. so natural and glam wedding makeup i also want this kind of makeup on my wedding day here in india people put lot of makeup on their wedding day n look super artificial ….

  16. You look nice but your face has a weird lavender lilac tint and the contour is muddy

  17. Dab. says:

    James is goals af

  18. Adriana Luca says:

    He considers himself to be a make up artist??? With such gross nails???!!! Disgusting !
    And you saying you would not trust anybody else to do your make up??? Like if charlotte tilbury or Lisa Eldridge would've show up, you would've said no?????

  19. Halo Angel says:

    Wow this makeup is stunning

  20. nicole ball says:

    doesn't the coty airspun powder have bad flashback?

  21. sas says:

    you guys are so cute together omg

  22. Yenna._._ says:

    I think the translucent powder was a back idea considering the flashback

  23. Yenna._._ says:

    It's beautiful

  24. Jack Walker says:

    Fake Eyelashes kinda ruined it

  25. Guys I need your advice. I cannot decide whether I should do my own bridal makeup or not. I'm pretty good at makeup and super worried that the makeup artist will just mess it up. But on the other hand, I don't want to stress about doing my own makeup. What should I do? 🙁

  26. k car says:

    she's boring

  27. I dont understand why he is getting so much hate. He is soo young and so talented. Let the kid LIVEEE

  28. Daowen Ling says:

    Gosh you two worked so well together! Please do more collaborations together in the future!

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