My Wedding Makeup // The Beauty Parlor with Sunnie Brook

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  1. Zahra Syed says:

    Omg you are sooo pretty!

  2. Jessica Chu says:

    What liner brand did Sunnie use?

  3. I LOOOVE your hair! Are you a natural ginger or do you dye it just like I do? 

  4. You look so much like Lana Del Rey, it's unreal. BTW, you look beautiful, ly! ❤

  5. myja100 says:

    You look beautiful! Hope your special day was amazing! Xxx All the best! ♥️♥️♥️

  6. You look absolutely stunning, don't let people get you down!! Everyone has different tastes and opinions, just because some people are vocalizing that they don't like it doesn't mean you shouldn't do it!! Your wedding day should be a reflection of the two of you and everything that makes you happy, embrace your makeup choice and rock it girl!

  7. Khanh Hua says:

    Stunning~~Congratz on your wedding.

  8. Emily 1998 says:

    GOOOOD you're going to be the prettiest bride ever! Congratsss (I know I'm late, sorry :´´´()

  9. chietpb says:

    I know this has nothing to do with this video but, some time ago i watched a video of your were you taught how to make almond milk. I've searched on your channel but I couldn't find it again…Have you removed it? Thanks for your amazing videos and recipes.

  10. I'm a makeup artist too and I think you look beautiful! This makeup will photograph really, really well, especially your eyes and I love how she did your base, unnecessary layers of product and foundation would be too much on your lovely skin. Congrats and have a great day! x

  11. Carina Silva says:

    You are very pretty. And the make up looks very nice. Wish you the best on your special day. The wedding of your dreams of any little girl dreams. To find there prince. Congratulations. May God bless you both.

  12. Can you list products in description box?

  13. Claudia T-C says:

    Gorgeous! Ahh so excited for you! ❤️ x

  14. Izzy F says:

    I think the eyeliner is just the right kind of dramatic, it totally matches your everyday style but looks just that extra bit special and the overall look is beautiful. I hope you have an amazing wedding! x

  15. Jonna says:

    The makeup really suits you because you look like yourself! Too many times I have seen wedding makeup where the bride looks way too different from their everyday look. Congratulations on your special day!

  16. KristinHB says:

    Happy wedding day, Claire!  You look beautiful!

  17. Frea says:

    You're beautiful Claire! You're perfect skin makes me envy. Hope you have a blast at your wedding 🙂

  18. Marie Daadyr says:

    I think the cat eye was a perfect choice Claire! You look stunning.

  19. arwa m says:

    Beautiful! You're gonna be the prettiest bride everrrrr! X

  20. I think she did eyeliner too high than you usually do… Everuthing else is beautifull!)

  21. Domotha94 says:

    You look beautiful, so natural and glowy, congrats on the wedding and I hope we get to see some photos, make sure you have fun pretty lady!!

  22. HilTheMill says:

    You are stunning!!! Have fun tomorrow! 🙂

  23. Jay H says:

    Congratulations you are s natural beauty Enjoy your special day

  24. Claire you are such a natural beauty!! I love how effortless, bright, and timeless this looks on you!

  25. kateslyn says:

    You look gorgeous but I'm thinking the eyeliner is a bit much for your wedding…

  26. Jen M says:

    Dang, these comments are awful ! As long as Claire is happy, that's all that matters 🙂

  27. anabelcoss says:

    Not trying to be mean or anything you are beautiful .. I did not like the liner I feel like it's too thick 🙁 but anyway just my opinion ..

  28. Hannah Joy says:

    You look exactly like my friend Candace (you even have the same facial expressions!) you're so pretty, also your friend is a genius! I hope your wedding day is wonderful:)

  29. Summer says:

    Both effortlessly beautiful! Hope you have a great wedding day!

  30. Sommer Mae says:

    You look like lana del rye with this makeup look! Very classic and beautiful

  31. Havin Kara says:

    I feel like the liner is too thick and it makes ur eyes look smaller…but i really like that you don't want to put too much makeup on and look natural 🙂 cuz ur beautiful anyways! have a great wedding:)

  32. Don't like the eye liner for the wedding. Toó much….

  33. Talia White says:

    why did she do the eyeliner before the shadow?

  34. Amber Shafer says:

    I hope she does some primer / setting spray the day of! 

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