Simple Makeup for Women Over 60: A Makeover with a Focus on Shaping Brows

In this tutorial, we show to apply makeup for women over 60 with a special focus on shaping your brows. One thing that many women ask about is how to shape and define their eyebrows. This is the topic that Ariane and I tackle in this makeup tutorial. All of the products mentioned in this video are listed here:

Watch as professional makeup artist Ariane Poole and Margaret Manning explore this topic.

Want to take the next step? Check out our makeup tips video series, designed just for us older women:

Do you want more makeup tips for older women? What makeup question would you most like Ariane to answer? What did you think of the special technique that Ariane showed for shaping brows? Please add your thoughts below.


  1. Threading is terrific!

  2. Robyn Jones says:

    women started wearing make up in the 70s ??? women have always worn makeup of some kind!

  3. Rose Brannon says:

    names of products and colors please..

  4. Sixty and Me says:

    Hi everyone! Since so many people have been asking for a list of the products mentioned in this video, I created a short article. All of the products are listed here:

  5. Vicky Jones says:

    Thank you. I pick up a zero next year and not a 6. I loved how she liked how she looked. very natural and fresh. I believe I can duplicate this. a bid cudo. more please.

  6. cant stand the ay women over 60 dye their hair YELLOW and with their pink face it looks so ugh!..and that typical FRINGE..oh yes…straight hair with a fringe….the look! sis…

  7. Rangeminder says:

    I love Annie's subdued response to the whole thing. I can really relate to her ambivalence about makeup. But she looks great.

  8. Aloha Leslie says:

    My 68th is coming up in November. I always appreciate these tutorials for Positive Aging. Coming from 16 years of Hawaii living, where most of the women wear little to no make-up and now living in the Pacific NW, I'm having to relearn the new techniques and products that are available. Thanks so much for what you bring! :))))

  9. Annie has lovely skin & I think that Ariane did a wonderful job.

  10. Could have lined her lips it looks very wishy washy very plain Jane would av liked to see a more feminine look on this lady a wow factor I think the lady was dissapointed too xoxo

  11. ivydog100 says:

    Still needs more blush on her cheeks.

  12. It's so good to see this sort of thing for older women youtube is full of stuff for younger women who don't need half the stuff they have on there face

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