Smokey Eye Makeup for Hooded or Asian Eyes

Learn how to apply makeup for hooded or small eyes. Remember to SUBSCRIBE to stay update with future videos!

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Products Used:
– MAC Soft Ocre
– Tartelette Palette
– Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner
– “Valentina” lashes by Lash Bunny
– MAC Shroom Eyeshadow

Microphone: Rode Videomic Pro, SmartLav
Lighting: Stella Ring Light
Camera: Canon 70D
Editing Program: Adobe Premier Pro

Music Tracks by:
Boxcat Games


  1. Hoi Misao says:

    what is wrong with ur chin??

  2. Very Natural, thank youu 🙂

  3. sharkktongue says:

    To all you haters and jealous about her chin, it looks perfect. It's because you can't afford to get one, you're going to hate it. Whatever she gets done with her face, they look beautifully done. Very natural.

  4. Tooba Mohsin says:

    Plzzz can u do a video for how to apply cat liner for hooded eys

  5. her face is slimmer here that's why her chin looked so pointy but i think she never done any surgery.. look at her recent videos.. she's still gorgeous..

  6. Not a Joke says:

    All of the comments are about her chin smh.
    Her chin can be real lmao. Y'all are just jealous.

  7. You are sooo beautiful

  8. Her lashes are fake? Yikes.

  9. What's wrong with her chin?

  10. hooded or asian eyes hmmmmmmmmmm
    i have both lol

  11. this is so helping me..

  12. кончить в рот тете и вся любовь

  13. NutriMission says:

    You're so pretty!

  14. Thu H says:

    I was going to subscribe to your channel but there is something off about your chin… why you were prob so beautiful before!!

  15. Betty He says:

    What if my eyelids are like inside my eyeballs?

  16. Thanks for this video. I have been watching other artists but they usually teach things for the European eye, and I couldn't understand why it doesn't work for me (I'm Asian). Thanks to you I tried a new look and will look better now

  17. this tutorial helped so much!!!! thank you to tina for making it. excellent details and it works great. i dont use same pallet but the colors i have work with the steps you showed in video. ty so much xoxoxoxo

  18. Princess Xx says:

    in your new videos you don't have that pointed chin…..why

  19. Irene Sheard says:

    This is great. Will give it a go!

  20. Kina tano says:

    one day- I must attempt lmaooo I don't wear makeup at all but hey- I can try

  21. Emily Brown says:

    Your chin is so strange …

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