TANNING 101 with Celebrity Tanning Guru Ashley Rose! + GIVEAWAY WINNER

Hey, Loves!

We all want a sunny glow this time of year but tanning outside can be very dangerous for our skin. You know I love my SPF. That’s why I brought in tanning guru to the stars, Ashley Rose, to answer your questions about spray-tans, self-tanners, and more!

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  1. Ro Diamond says:

    LOVE THIS!!! LOVE YOU BOTH!!!…………Roxoxoxox

  2. Tips for getting around the elbows, knees and ankles.

  3. Could you do a video on hair removal? I'm vary fair with super thick/dark hair every. And I mean EVERYWHERE. So I always wonder about at home lasers or waxes or even things like veet and if one is better than the other?

  4. joe Williams says:

    Thank you So happy I won. Xoxo my email address roseingeorgia@gmail.com

  5. Ana Lukic says:

    Jamie I love your lipcolor on you! Can you tell me what that is? You look gorgeous!

  6. Dom.De says:

    How timely! I was literally just looking up self tanners for my white ass body!!!! Get out of my head Jamie!!!

  7. Silk Mandel says:

    Congrats to Rose! Love your daughter, she's so sweet. Jamie, it's a forward slash lol. Here is an easy way to remember the difference. Think of the slash like a little man leaning forward and backwards. The top of the slash is his head. Love you, love your vids! Totally going out to buy the Sally legs and Garnier tinted moisturizer!

  8. Shevie Chen says:

    / is a slash, is a back-slash. In a URL you use slashes 🙂

  9. Jamie great video and informative! Thank you so much Ashley Rose! Take care, ladies!

  10. H Helton says:

    Thank you! Thank you for this video! I have wanted to do a self tanner at home and haven't yet. I just didn't know which ones to use and not turn orange and have it rub off on my clothing. Thank you and Ashley Rose for the great info. #IGfam

  11. wow first time I have heard of using a brush for tanning! And I just received a biiiiiiig pack of tanning mitts in the mail..
    will go to my ever growing makeup brush drawer and see if I can find a suitable brush to try…

  12. crownvilla says:

    please make me the winner

  13. Thanks Jamie for the tan education! We leave on a cruise in two weeks and this video gave me so much info!! Thanks bunches!

  14. 123Jenny90 says:

    My question is how do you reapply sunscreen on the face after a long day when you already have makeup on?

  15. 123Jenny90 says:

    How do you get rid of a real tan? (I'm from the unpopular crowd. I hate tanning). 😀

  16. Great video!! Can we get a discount code on the box? Love you, mean it!!!

  17. How do you not have a million subscribers!?!? Love ❤️ You☀️

  18. Thank you for this video! I just purchased a self tanner and to be honest, lm scared to do it.

  19. Christina D says:

    So informative, Thanks Jaime! I just bought an Elf brush to apply face masks with and I'm kinda impressed with that large kabuki brush for applying tan to the body! You could also maybe mix some moisturizer with some luminizer cream or bronzing gel to apply some pretty sheen to body too. I love making beauty care that's challenging fun, idiot-proof and luxurious feeling! Thank You!!

  20. Amy Douglass says:

    My next big splurge will be on one of these boxes!! You educate me and make me smile every time I watch a video.

  21. Thank you so much for the video Jamie, VERY helpful!!
    It was just what I was looking for 😀 XOXO

  22. Question: I'm self tanner phobic. Do I apply to my neck? If so, where do I stop? Under the jaw? Where can I order that box? Thanks.

  23. Excellent video very useful. Thanks

  24. Loved the video, but did I miss the giveaway winner?

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