Testing Korean Skincare Products with my Funny Mom! 😜

I love StyleKorean! They have the best deals!

Products used! I ⭐️ our favorites (so far!)

•[Pyunkang Yul] Lotion: http://bit.ly/2scVQLV
•[Pyunkang Yul] Mist Toner: http://bit.ly/2sMg38l
•[Pyunkang Yul] Essence Toner: http://bit.ly/2t4oU4x
⭐️[Benton] Honest TT Mist: http://bit.ly/2r4meTU
⭐️[COSRX] One Step Pimple Clear Pads: http://bit.ly/2qG4YUC

•[Etude house] Drawing Eye Liner – Black: http://bit.ly/2rKiGsS
•[CLIO] Virgin Kiss Lip Oil Tint – Just Coral: http://bit.ly/2snD0Bl
•[LABIOTTE] Chateau Wine Lip Balm – Red Wine: http://bit.ly/2rKAc07

•[Innisfree] Ribbon Hair Band: http://bit.ly/2qLmTsj
⭐️[Innisfree] My Body Lotion – Cherry Blossom: http://bit.ly/2rKDYGD

⭐️[Etude house] Collagen Eye Patch: http://bit.ly/2raWfhH
•[Skinfood] Centella: http://bit.ly/2rfsurc
•[It’s Skin] Blueberry: http://bit.ly/2s6IaBf
⭐️[It’s Skin] Avocado: http://bit.ly/2qLlBgW
•[Innisfree] Strawberry: http://bit.ly/2sn2n6i
•[Innisfree] Rose: http://bit.ly/2raG9EQ
⭐️[The Face Shop] Aloe Vera: http://bit.ly/2sjD822
⭐️[Etude house] Green Tea: http://bit.ly/2rKvsaN
⭐️[Innisfree] Relaxing Eye Warmer – Sheep: http://bit.ly/2t4cklZ
⭐️[Innisfree] Relaxing Eye Warmer – Panda: http://bit.ly/2reVNKq
⭐️[The face shop] Cinderella’s Glass Shoes Foot Mask: http://bit.ly/2r4akt9
•[A’PIEU] White Milk: http://bit.ly/2reQLxE
•[A’PIEU] Chocolate Milk: http://bit.ly/2snj8y1
•[Tonymoly] Tomato: http://bit.ly/2reWd3s
•[Tonymoly] Tea Tree: http://bit.ly/2rbazqo
•[Tonymoly] Red Wine: http://bit.ly/2t4rKXj
•[Tonymoly] Pikachu: http://bit.ly/2rKCkER
•[Tonymoly] Meowth: http://bit.ly/2snK2WR
•[Tonymoly] Squirtle: http://bit.ly/2s6pAcb
•[Tonymoly] Charmander: http://bit.ly/2rKjjTe
•[The OOZOO] Face Injection Mask: http://bit.ly/2snLetk
•[FORENCOS] Song Joong Gi – Monday: http://bit.ly/2t4pVtu
•[FORENCOS] Song Joong Gi – Tuesday: http://bit.ly/2s6hyjA
•[FORENCOS] Song Joong Gi – Wednesday: http://bit.ly/2sM6rKP
•[FORENCOS] Song Joong Gi – Thursday: http://bit.ly/2t4sLP7
•[FORENCOS] Song Joong Gi – Friday: http://bit.ly/2rVUy4M
•[FORENCOS] Song Joong Gi – Saturday: http://bit.ly/2snNLDA
•[FORENCOS] Song Joong Gi – Sunday: http://bit.ly/2rVIC2Z

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  1. Your mom is ADORABLE and funny! I loved that you got her some stuff, I swear by the Pyunkang Yul essence toner. Next time I order korean products I will treat my mom to some Pyunkang Yul products and other korean skin products. You two should do an update on how the products worked for the both of you.

  2. hamiltona7 says:

    Hi Whitney, I love your mom !!! She is funny. You guys have the same smile

  3. tatata6o5 says:

    Lol. Love your mama

  4. You're mom is precious!


  6. Lulu says:

    I love this video it was so entertaining

  7. im gonna get me some of those song joongki face masks even tho ill probably be allergic to them… he's so cute!

  8. Ana Tomás says:

    are you and your mom living in korea? (sorry I'm new here)

  9. lmao how are you saying aloe?!?!

  10. I love the videos with you and your mom. Hopefully one day she can visit Korea and we can see the adventures you both get into.

  11. Whitney you are on the return of superman its not a lia i saw it

  12. this video made me smile the entire time. your mom is adorable 🙂

  13. Ok gonna need Mama in every video now. Subscribe for Mama, ya'll!

  14. Your mom is so cute :))

  15. We wanna see you guys hanging out more while you're in the States!! Great Masks! Funny mom!

  16. Jomain asdf says:

    aww whitneys mom is really cool ;D <3 does anyone know the song playing in the back too?

  17. DiCeMbReGirL says:

    Your mom is so cute and funny 🙂

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