The Best Hairstyles Tutorials Compilation 2017 | Amazing Hairstyles


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  1. I can't even brush my long hair

  2. cher , says:

    finally, a video that actually includes hairstyles shown in the thumbnail..

  3. Das Doggo says:

    everyone's doing these perfect hairstyles meanwhile incant even do a freaking ponytail ;-;

  4. Ra WI says:

    it's like she's weaving a freakin basket on her head!

  5. Eli Moreno says:

    Her YouTube is Nina stark she is amazing!

  6. NoName Baby says:

    Her hair looks fantastic

  7. Suzi Buzi says:

    this girl is out of this world

  8. Suzi Buzi says:

    Am I the only one who can't even do a regular ponytail ?

  9. Ayva One says:

    I can't believe how good she is

  10. Ayva One says:

    she is so amazing

  11. Ayva One says:

    wish I could do my hair like her

  12. Toys DIY says:

    she is so talented

  13. Toys DIY says:

    best hair tutorials ever!

  14. VaVa Vum says:


  15. How do you make the plaits on the first one stand out like that?

  16. Woooow love them all!

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