The TRUTH Behind 10 Popular Makeup Myths

10 popular make up myths finally busted- real or not real? Subscribe:
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There’s so much nonsense floating around the cosmetics industry that it’s about time we revealed the truth behind 10 makeup myths. We all fall into certain habits with makeup that seem okay but are actually just plain wrong. Do you pump your wand in your mascara? Or try to match your foundation to your wrist? Find out the truth behind these makeup mistakes and lots more besides, including the reality versus the myth when it comes to makeup causing breakouts, hypoallergenic products being better for your skin and the correct order to apply concealer and foundation.

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  1. this is one of the reasons I really do not even bother with makeup, waste of time and money and at the end of the day I don't care about enhancing all my good areas and hiding all the bad. makeup should be interpreted as an artistic expression in my eyes.

  2. SilentFarts says:

    i was taught foundation then concealer

  3. Great advice! I’ve heard all of these myths before and with I could send your video to the idiots who spread them.
    The funniest, I had a friend who insisted I should apply concealer before foundation. She was so pushy about it! Finally, I went to her apartment, with my make-up in a bag instead of my face. I insisted she put my make-up on me. On that day she learned that foundation will actually remove concealer.

  4. Hmm, you just listed some of the opposit facts on here in an another video!

  5. Destiny says:

    with the expensive makeup thing even Loreal and Maybelline in the UK barely ANYTHING is in darker shades (and im only mixed race)

  6. Meghan Scott says:

    Acne is caused by bad hygiene… ha… haha… hahahahahahaha… bahahahahahaha

  7. M.U. Lyn says:

    what caused breakouts? wear wrong skincare products…….

  8. No,just no. over half of these "facts" were wrong.

  9. Ika N says:

    shait, i have acne since teenager and i never wear make up till now. u said its bcus of make up acne pop out? estupidooooooo

  10. Makeup is for people who are ugly

  11. I used to do that concealer, foundation, powder.

  12. Missy says:

    Dear TheTalko, don't make videos about things you don't know what ur talking about.

  13. Barber Mom says:

    I love makeup especially red lipstick, cat liner, and false lashes. That's my basic look as I grew up looking up to Gwen Stefani when she was with No Doubt☺

  14. Hera Hera says:

    Ladies if you want some nice makeup for free then I have something for you, it's a Ana Hill makeup giveaway I saw on the internet couple of days ago, if you want it go to google type in "anahillgw" choose your makeup and wait for the delivery to arrive, the delivery is also free 🙂 <3

  15. I knew about that Hypoallergenic crap many years ago. I had more reactions to the supposed Hypoallergenic stuff than the normal kind.

  16. lol I'm only 12 so I just wear a tiny bit of mascara and lip gloss

  17. I will forever match my foundation to my wrist because I'm the same white ass shade all over my body. Lol. I have enough problems finding a shade that matches yet alone trying to shade match to my jawline.

  18. Actually if you have very straight eyelashes the waterproof mascara is the only one that works for keep it curve after you curl it.

  19. a tip: use gel mascara, it leaves your lashes like a normal mascara would but it's transparent so if it starts raining you won't look like a raccoon and you can use it as a browcara

  20. congrats for 3 million subs

  21. Awatif Omar says:


  22. W H says:

    My cousin never washes her face she eats whatever she wants to meat dairy gluten fast food and has nice skin. i on the other hand wash my face twice a day i drink plenty of water (as an arab i eat pretty much healthy we only cook our meals at home veggies and fruits everyday) im pretty much dairy free i change my pillow cases regulary i dont wear make up that often and if i do i remove it quickly when i get home and i still have acne its hormonal nothing to do with hygiene. stop making people with acne sound dirty we take care of our hygiene way more than people with clear skin.

  23. at 0:47 who spots Michelle from The Next Step (TNS)

  24. Sen Williams says:

    Michelle from the next step anyone else see that?

  25. All the myth i used to believe…!

  26. RawrGirl07 says:

    I watched half of this video and you clearly do not have oily skin and have never had a breakout due to makeup.

  27. This is my i love Talks!

  28. lipstick,eyeliner,n good sunblock is enaugh for me.

  29. I never pumped my mascara brush….

  30. Wow, 2 of these "busted myths" are actually facts. Maybe you should do a bit more research before spouting crap. Makeup can and does in fact cause acne. How? It clogs the pores. This is what causes acne: clogged pores. Over time it gets infected, thus makeup does cause acne. Also, yes oily skin needs moisturizing too, but you don't put more oil on your face! That'v counter intuitive. After washing your face, use an oil free moisturizer. Just goes to show that little to no research has been done here. Go consult a dermatologist!

  31. People apply makeup to their wrist because that's the closest to your natural skin tone

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