Truly Amazing Lips Makeup ● Lipstick Makeup Tutorial

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  1. cool but the rainbow lipstick no

  2. c'est très jolie mais sa serait encore plus beau si toutes ces filles n'auraient pas des lèvres qui ressemblent, a mon grand déséspoir, à deux grosses limaces

  3. i dont know why people hate thin lips i have big lips and i hate them i look like a horse.but yea please tell me why do people hate thin lips there awesome

  4. Lalamonkey says:

    I, too, enjoy having my lips look like a loveseat.

  5. Caylus Losi says:

    1. the galaxy lips 2. the pink lips 3. the purple lips 4. dark red lips 5. black sparkle lips 6. red glam lips 7. dark red rose lips 8. super purple lips 9. Rainbow lips ish 10. red beauty tones lips 11. darkish purple lips 12. black underwater lips 13. purple pink lips 13. super dark beauty lips 13. purple superglam lips 14. purple shadow lips 15. red ugly lips witch one was your favourite?

  6. Gigi Moon says:

    You sure that they aren't Kiley Jenner's sisters?

    i probably misspelled something around here…

  7. this a great video

  8. you are good at make up

  9. she probably has injection
    well it looks good anyways

  10. i wish the music was satifying…

  11. That is so beautiful

  12. first vid,I would say galaxy lipstick

  13. katdoddlet says:

    All these girls complaining about having big lips. Stop complaining! My lips are paper thin, you can't even see them.

  14. Gigi Moon says:


    Here's ya thumbnail.
    Don't thank me though… Thank yourself by finding this comment.

  15. me encantó este video

  16. Zoe101 says:

    Do you not lick your lips? How?

  17. nao gostei nao bou mentir

  18. thats nice but we can put a vedio for teens on stage

  19. imagine making out with someone with that lip art on XD

  20. Jack Yewsang says:

    Is it just me or do all these people have plumped lips. Like if you agree

  21. Einalem Gnav says:

    6:17 they look real normal lips

  22. Ice Blue says:


  23. But props to whoever can do this

  24. should do that Play-Doh one that's cool

  25. Gih G. says:

    como é o nome dessa música?

  26. Laurie Ilkiw says:

    one lip hint if you want to make your top lip look bigger than you use white lip liner place it above your top lip than blend it outland than put your lip stick of and also under that white line but not to high or it will look very weird

  27. Zohal Fazli says:

    2:31 those lips are disgusting

  28. Ich würde gerne auch solche Lippen haben.

  29. Martha Nader says:

    اسم اﻻغنيه

  30. The chick at 3:27 has Rocky Horror Picture Show lips! Kinda like the ones @ the beginning of the movie lol

  31. rick devault says:

    Do draw this out first on paper to get different looks or just try it until some-thing works .

  32. love her lipstick designs

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