Tutorial | Sleek Straight Hair Tutorial + Mini Haircare Routine | Kaushal Beauty

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Hi my angels. So many people ask me how I style/do my hair when it is straight so I hope you enjoy this hair tutorial and mini hair care routine update! I love you all loads and thank you so much for helping me reach 160K subscribers – you are all amazing!

ALL ABOUT MY HAIR: http://kaushalbeauty.com/2014/10/22/hair-update-ft-nicky-lazou/

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John Frieda Frizz Ease Oil Elixir £9.99 http://fave.co/1s4He5f
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What I’m wearing:
Top: ASOS (Monki)
Lipstick: Tonkin matte lipstick by NARS + Keep It Classy velvet lip pencil by Maybelline
Necklace: Phantom Jewels

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  1. Mona Julian says:

    this was so relaxing to watch lmao

  2. Oh, can you actually put the frizz ease stuff in your hair while it's wet? I have a very similar product to you. It's from Frizz Ease like yours but mine's a little thinner and it's orange instead of yellow and it specifically says in the directions to not use it on wet hair. Is yours slightly different to mine or do you think the product works better when you actually use it with wet hair and you get better results or what? Please explain

  3. If ariana grade and kylie jenner had a kid it would be you

  4. Shiza Munem says:

    can you please make a video on how to do sleek straight hairstyle with puff or like volume please thanks <3

  5. Mali Smith says:

    7:48 she looks so much like selena gomez

  6. Utube Girl says:

    which is your haircut?

  7. R Craft says:

    u r the real angel.. kaushal..sho beautiful..!!

  8. helenevienna says:

    Currently using Remington Pro Luxe and it's nice

  9. Zany Toad says:

    U look like Bethany mota


  11. Am I the only person who has thick hair and loves it? Sure, it takes more time to style, but I go to extra lengths to preserve its naturally thick, curled texture! Nice tutorial. Good choice of products and tools!

  12. may i know ur hair colour shade plz

  13. which heat protectant u use ?

  14. Wow I like your hair

  15. wajeeha Ali says:

    u r looking gorgeous

  16. Do you straighten your hair everyday?

  17. "I like to check my hair to make sure I haven't missed any pieces" lmao home gurl them pieces already straight

  18. you are so beautiful!

  19. Sweetindish says:

    are you Indian?

  20. A&M Beauty says:

    can u do a makeup tutorial on the look you are wearing in this video

  21. You are Indian because you look like them

  22. the chi straightener is awesome

  23. Your hair is naturally straight ♥

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