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  1. Nbv Nv says:

    Пользуясь случаем хочу пожелать смерти корпорациям, к. зарабатывают на пропаганде макияжа.

  2. I hate the guy that puts makeup I prefer Jeffrey star

  3. Trista Mayer says:

    everyone listen you don't need to ware makeup you are pretty just thre way you are. please listen to this message. thank you

  4. 6:07 everyone looks amazing in their own way! I think she looks very pretty

  5. Afsar Nawab says:

    I like your hair

  6. is the pople a boy or a gilr ?

  7. 5:15 krl melhor tutorial ok

  8. 7:30 when a 5 year olds makeup looks better then 90% of the ppl on youtube lol

  9. the first one i was like "whaaaa" they must hv took their time to do that

  10. Nora Ty says:

    есть русский коментарий?

  11. Who came for the thumbnail (like if u did)

  12. okay who the hell told of toddler they needed to put on makeup with contouring and all that stuff? I know it's fun to play in mommy's makeup but she's too young to be putting it on so professionally she needs to learn at this age that her beauty is natural not that you have to paint your face everyday.

  13. damn the male model and the second video is gorgeous.

  14. me lo voy a pintar de colores

  15. Fatima Masum says:

    why guys do makeup

  16. la pendeja esa de la blusa roja me desespera, hace sus mamadas, se corta el pelo chueco, se rie como pendeja y jamas enseñó como le quedó, me hizo perder segundos ahi viendo sus mamadas

  17. eu adorei o primeiro cabelo

  18. Lisa Shanks says:

    3:15 what's shoulder gotta do with anything!?

  19. 7:38 first thing I noticed is those eyebrows tho

  20. It upsets me when the gorgeous girl with freckles puts loads of makeup on 🙁

  21. On the first video wth was the thing above the camera

  22. zoe cazarré says:

    o is amazing is….is…is..beautiful

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