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  1. The :} says:

    2:03 her fucking lips…

    4:34 and is it really necessary to put so much highlight?

  2. Asphyxia612 says:

    Christ this music is fucking terrible, and they all put WAY too much makeup on. They don't even look real, and it's not rocket science. Thank god I am not so insecure that I even feel the need to wear 1% of that………

  3. THEY ALWAYS POSE!!!!!! It's so annoying!!!!!

  4. That girl at 6:05 was so pretty natural and then she made herself so orange and contoured and i was like noooooo u already have super defined cheekbones hhhhHHhH

  5. coolooos says:

    The girl at 4:46 looks waaaay better without makeup on. SMH.

  6. 4:35 please change the shape of your brows!


  8. Nadia pika says:

    Narices palo, labios gordos e hinchados, ojos horribles(pestañas ridiculamente largas)…lo mejor es poco maquillaje, sutil y elegante sin ser el mismo producto

  9. Mari Pelaez says:

    La ultima muchacha para que se maquilla si es muy guapa

  10. the girl at 1:49. wht the hell went wrong with her lips?

  11. the girl at 1:49. wht the hell went wrong with her lips?

  12. vous les fille vous savez pas du tous vous maquiller

  13. essa primeira garota parece a Nina Secrets

  14. 吴丽雯 says:

    Most of them finished with an orange-tone face and eyebrowns that make them look like sinchan.

    They should do another style of make up that can fit their face better, not tons of powder, foundation, concealer, etc. Looks like all of them want to be Kardashian sisters, just please stop. For me, they look better before the make up.

  15. Zoe Harper says:

    Some of them look like Donald trump orange ass.

  16. 2:03 her bottom lip looks like a rectangle

  17. Alisia Morin says:

    stop with the negative comments all these women are beautiful, it is their preference whatever makeup look they do or how much makeup they use. makeup is not only for enhancing features it is also an art. doesn't matter what we think of them

  18. 6:38 she is so pretty ❤️

  19. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    The thumbnail your looking for is at

  20. 6:37 she is so ugly with her makeup , yet before when she had no make up, she looked pretty

  21. If only I could do this with marking myself look like a freaking raccoon.

  22. T Wydeck says:

    The girl at 4:46 looks fabulous without makeup!

  23. that second girl is ugly her lips

  24. 10:39 her features are already so sharp

  25. nie ma to jak nakładać makijaż na makijaż XD

  26. the girl at 2:32 I like how she's smiling and not trying to act so cool and stuff and the girl at 6:40 she's beautiful even with out makeup

  27. I think all girls/boys are beautiful without being cakes with makeup! you be you!

  28. abby sciuto says:

    I still don't get the irony of why ppl call themselves white when they are fucking more orange or yellow than my Asian self. Y am i even called yellow them girls are fucking darker than me. jesus fucking love yourselves lol

  29. Tigs Offord says:

    girl at around 4:00. im not rying to be rude and stuff however if that was me i would have a a nose job to reduce my nose

  30. Why Are Girls Only Conciderd Pretty If They Wear Make Up??

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