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  1. Dana Avram says:

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  2. that pink haired girl drew all over her body with that toner!! that's not so good for your skin, well my advice is hit the gym if you want a big butt and you can grow your boobs with vasalene Lol

  3. J Gildz says:

    talk about clickbait…haa

  4. Dana Avram says:

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  5. they are all so pretty

  6. side chick says:

    can i please have the name of hair straightner at 8:00

  7. Oli Saurus says:

    Just imagine how many wrinkles these young girls are going to get. I understand your probably going to say,

    "they are just teens!"

    "They feel for confident!"

    For their age, 1., They shouldn't even use makeup. Acne blemishes are signs of beauty. Just imagine using that much makeup. Gross!

    Plus it can turn out cakey over acne. And, it will make your skin look 5x more oily. Ew. Makeup ages you so much. And for the, "They feel better and more confident!" Message, most of these girls are naturally beautiful and are killing their beauty using pounds of makeup everyday. More then half of these girls look fine without makeup and makeup has gotten to the "useless" point now. If your making your breast look bigger with makeup, you disgust me and I hope we never meet. In fact if you do that and comment, "I do that, what's wrong with it?" I will either not respond in disgust, or I will respond with, "you disgust me, have fun with a bunch of wrinkles <3"

  8. Laura Powa says:

    0:00 really 7year old kid…

  9. the second one. i think, very tan (dont wanna be racist) one with long eyebrows, is very pretty

  10. Who just cliked for the booty contur thumb nail Or is JUST ME

  11. I thought that curling iron was a pair of anal beeds tbh lol

  12. girl @ 1:53 is so pretty

  13. Haley Baker says:

    "Boys fall in love with what they see
    girls fall in love with what they hear
    that's why boys lie and girls wear make up"
    If only there was a way to change that

  14. i dont understand what the point is on drawing little heart dots on the contour, like for real, you're going to blend that shit anyway 5:14

  15. Mariah H. says:

    I only wear mascara sometimes foundation if I break out A lot. the only time I'll wear makeup like that is on my wedding that's all

  16. 7:10 hello darkness my old frieeeeeeend

  17. The first girl was super cute!

  18. Chloe Jame says:

    the kat von d lock it foundation is so cakey!I bought it im 14 and i thought it was so good at first but a little cakey since i only used the nyx pore fillet but it just clung to dry patches and looked so gross!The girl in the 1st clip used it

  19. la del minuto 2:10 es gorda y fea

  20. Damn Girl says:

    Who is she (3.49)

  21. 5:04 a esta chica le agregaron como minimo 15 años XD

  22. rylee leglue says:

    that girl used red to cover up purple which is not how that works. yellow covers up purple and red covers up green tones

  23. 5:53 he knows not to kiss her face and fuck up her makeup. my boyfriend just licks mine all off

  24. 1:26 where did her nose go? still beautiful

  25. Nic w says:

    nice make up but if somebody would wake up next to most of them without make up they gone have a shock for life ………

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