We Got Medical Grade LASER Facials (Beauty Trippin)

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Today our faces are getting ZAPPED & FLASHED by a real life trained medical professional (aka a super cute nurse who we low key wanna be friends with).

Watch us take on Skin Laundry’s 15-minute “Laser & Light” facial! Something so clean never felt so dirty…

Talk to the girls about the episode!


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  1. the thumbnail looks like a different type of facial c;

  2. The receptionist: 2 milimeters
    Joslyn: 200 meters

  3. Its Me Tory says:

    the laser eye thing is pronounced lay-sick

  4. Jay Diggy says:

    That thumbnail lools like some thumbnails ive seen on other websites if you cath my drift lmao!

  5. Sahar Ali says:

    Can you guys please go to the Beauty Lounge Med spa?? I heard they give really good facials and I want a review of that lce from you guys, and btw you guys are gorgeous.

  6. Donna Mowry says:

    Erin is always so dramatic. #annoying

  7. what was that lady's profession the one giving them the facials?

  8. You guys should do a belly dancing class for Joslyn and her love of body rolls!!!!!!!!!

  9. Jocelyn skin you can see the stuff coming out of it

  10. Em Sexton says:

    Erin needs to stfu her and her reactions are so annoying

  11. milk klim says:

    ok but why are they so fucking annoying

  12. If I was that nurse I would of been so annoyed Erin acts like a child lol

  13. Aimee Lawson says:

    I keep wanting to say " hold still!" Lol!

  14. Scott K. says:

    Feel like the nurse was more thorough with Jocelyn because she wasn't moving and screeching the whole time.


  16. Love Chime says:

    *lasic eye surgery

  17. joslyns glasses looked like the white ones from Willy Wonka that they wear when in the white room

  18. Alex Miguel says:

    Joslyn: "This is way nicer than my doctors office…"
    Joslyn's Doctor: "Well shit……I better upgrade my office….."

  19. I love how joslyn is so happy 24/7. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH IF YOU READ THIS!!!

  20. Eden Panayi says:

    Vitiligo and keloid scaring !!! No laser facial for me

  21. The thumbnail looks like erin has sperma all over her face. Lol

  22. Mik says:

    My visions so bad I have to get eye surgery to legally drive.

  23. branclooster says:

    Erin's reactions are so annoying.

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