We Got TEETH JEWELRY?!? (Beauty Trippin)

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Diamonds are a girls best friend! Today we get bling out our grills with TEETH JEWELRY… we swear it’s a thing. We apologize to our dentists in advance.
Talk to the girls about the episode!
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  1. rr ccoxx says:

    Would u just brush your teeth like normal?

  2. Lily would look dope with braces tbh not that she needs it, reminds me of katy perry in the last friday night video with the glasses

  3. Make your own nail polishes
    Yes it's a thing

  4. Hannah Gust says:

    Lily looks like she has braces on

  5. Jos sounds like a valley girl.

  6. Chloe Redman says:

    Joslyn's outfit today…

  7. Galexb says:

    glam and gore

  8. Femmè82 says:

    Lily NOOOOOO!

  9. Aya Mesfioui says:

    When i saw the video first I thaught the glasses were that Snapchat filrter

  10. Femmè82 says:

    That IS the cutest mirror ever!!!!!

  11. Auriel 318 says:

    Oh my god lily no….wyd

  12. Dits says:

    Lily has lost so much weight, wow.

  13. sky shelgren says:

    oh no lily what are you doing….

  14. She said they could last up to EIGHT months! Lily, WHY would you put them there? XD lmao…Oh man….Were they there for Teen Choice or did she rip them off??? lol

  15. I just don't get the part of how long (or should I say short) they stay on?! I got a small diamond glued on one of my teeth (done by my dentist) and it's been there for 13 years now.

  16. Tobbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyy … Anyone who understands ?

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