Wedding Bridal Makeup Tutorial Video 2017

Wedding Bridal Makeup Tutorial Video 2017


  1. Sumaira Naz says:

    she is so cute without this horrible bridal make-up.

  2. with out make up.

  3. soo pretty bridal

  4. Sana Abra says:

    so much of difference….before and after makeup….but it was good…will anyone please say, which company were the products…???…it was a bit too much but it was great…contour was damn bright which didn't look good….everything else was great….

  5. Malik Chand says:

    you look so pretty without makeup

  6. Mashallah nazar nah lage itnu khoobsurat noor ko

  7. Hurbubs BB says:

    mention the products you use in the description box

  8. navjot kaut says:

    hello mam plz tell me what this base before eye make plz reply soon i will wait ur msg

  9. Hashir Jutt says:

    nyc makeup good

  10. Jasvir Singh says:

    omG ,,, gorgeous did nyc job

  11. Irfan Afridi says:

    oooh my GOD she transform witch bridal make-up, I hate her eye makeup &contouring, cute even without make-up

  12. Sherry Fazi says:

    The fuck that wasn't the thumb nail!!!!! Click bait fuckers! Stop wasting my time and Internet usage!

  13. Hamna Imrab says:

    she looks more beautiful without makeup

  14. Shimul Akter says:

    she looked pretty before without makeup but she is looking aged with makeup… why ?? not fair …

  15. Rokeya Akter says:

    contour was so sharp didn't like the contour

  16. we could only see your hand n head not the makeup tutorial.

  17. inka porlr kahan hai mjhe apni shaadi ka makeup krwana hai …mashAllah bht lush makeup kiya

  18. mashaallahh you have done it very nice

  19. Asif Ghuman says:

    she has changed her features worstly…..damn….

  20. Asif Ghuman says:

    such a haseena even without makeupp❤ prettyy mashallah….

  21. Hani Calista says:

    I think the result wasn't smooth. I still can see the line of her eyeshadows.

  22. Rishu Rai says:

    koi ase cream bato jisko lagani ki bad kuch aur lagani ki jarurt hi na pare and face bilkul fair n glowing ho jaye wase my complexion is fair plz tell me

  23. Sooo prettyy
    With makeup and without makeup

  24. hal ron says:

    lovely make up..does not look fake

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