Why Vietnamese Hair Salons are Better than American Hair Salons

Snow takes me to a hair salon where I learn why Vietnamese hair salons rock!

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  1. nurseman123 says:

    love the photo bomb

  2. TIMOTHY TA says:

    Where is this place?

  3. Rasuke11 says:

    Awesome wife

  4. Dau truong says:

    cô e nhjn mat co duyen nhug beo wua

  5. what a beautiful lady , what a hot boobs , I really love her.

  6. Tai Le says:

    thấy mặt hết muốn nhậu

  7. I would like to know about the hair salons doing the ear cleaning I cleaning shave shampoo haircut and massage what are the prices over there

  8. MrRadwint19 says:

    this guy has a very tough skin

  9. He looks like Kahn from King of the Hill.

  10. Tommy Moua says:

    dude im here to look at your wife's boobs. I used to date her

  11. Free pussy sample?!?!!#@)

  12. Ping Pang says:

    His acne spoiled my ASMR

  13. mikeca98 says:

    Should be, "Why Vietnamese women are better wives than American women". She is cute and a keeper.

  14. How much for happy ending?

  15. I love how she's so involved and playful not to mention great seemingly at what she does

  16. ICUSorta2 says:

    Your title should have been "It's better to go to a Vietnamese hair salon than an American hair salon because it's cheaper." Nothing in this video showed me why one salon is better than the other, but kudos to you for having a wife who gives you TLC.

  17. joethenark says:

    Vietnamese are some of the best cosmetologists I have ever had.

  18. disco land says:

    becasse it's noisy and they serve you a hot noodle cup in the end

  19. Moujid sarah says:

    your wife she's so beautiful

  20. u are so fucking ugly m3n …but i ahve to say that u are a winner . That wife is everything that a man wants. 😀

  21. @2:50 lol she is to cute….whats the song @ the end?

  22. Ghatan Neto says:

    musica muito show kra! sucesso vcs são lindos

  23. tomyg888 says:

    Sucks, and free if was , i not will going.

  24. NJtuber88 says:

    Did he say that's his wife?

  25. Essa Jesus says:

    No wear a bra!

  26. Nguyen Dao says:

    address of this salon please

  27. seu rosto é nojento!!! a gordinha é linda… ela salva o vídeo!!!

  28. Where's this place

  29. Who's that beautiful chubby lady?

  30. The wife is funny

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